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Paste into HtmlEditorExtender adds <o:p>



I have a static html page that was originally created using Microsoft Word 2010. I want to copy the contents of this page into a website I'm building that using the HtmlEditorExtender.

However, when I paste into the HtmlEditor it looks correct on first paste. Then when I save the page as a whole load of <o:p> </o:p> tags.

I have configured a sanitizer, default settings, but I do not think that is issue.

I have also tried copying content from an MSDN page and that replaces the HTML tags with literals (i.e. <b> is converted to <b>

I've googled a bit and I've seen the sample site but I can't find any detail regarding the Html encoding and the correct way to handle it.

Could some one answer the following?
  1. Do I have to do anything to configure the sanitizer?
  2. Do I have to encode/decode the html?
  3. Should I access the html using the textbox.Text property or does the HtmlEditorExtender provide a property to access the data?